Borrow Wisely! Campaign

What is the Borrow Wisely! Campaign?

The Borrow Wisely! Campaign is an international initiative to promote international customer protection standards and financial education. It was started in 2014 by the Microfinance Centre (MFC) and 12 of its leading members.

What is the goal?

The aim is to educate large numbers of clients about how to borrow money safely, harnessing the positive power of loans and avoiding the pitfalls of too much debt.

Borrowers need to understand that the power to borrow wisely is in their hands, and that they can avoid the risks of over-indebtedness by asking themselves key questions to get to grips with how much they can safely borrow.

How does the campaign work?

Campaign partners will use posters, leaflets, brochures and videos to deliver its key financial literacy messages. As in previous years, partners will also use SMS, online videos, social media and earned media to massively scale their outreach. This year, it will also launch a brand-new campaign tool: a rapid online “financial health self check-up”.

Where will the campaign take place?

In 2017 the campaign will run in 15 countries across the ECA region: Armenia, Azerbaijan, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, France, Greece, Georgia, Kosovo, Macedonia, Moldova, Montenegro, Romania, Serbia, Ukraine and Tajikistan.

Who are the campaign partners?

21 institutions are participating in the Borrow Wisely! Campaign in the field. These are: Farm Credit, Nor Horizon, ECLOF, Finca, Ucora, Armenia; AzerCredit, Azerbaijan, EKI, Lider, MiBospo, Partner, Bosnia and Herzegovina; SIS Credit, Bulgaria; Adie, France; Crystal, Georgia; Kepa, Greece; AFK, Kosovo; Horizonti, Macedonia; Microinvest, Moldova; AgroInvest, Serbia and Montenegro; Vitas, Romania, Hope, Ukraine and Imon, Tajikistan.

What are the 2016 Campaign results? What did clients think about the Campaign?

Over 31 days, 20 Campaign partners in 14 countries engaged with 473,660 clients and potential clients. The Campaign evaluation results are available here.

Please contact Kinga Dabrowska from MFC by 10 May 2017 if you are interested in getting involved.