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EMN members
 are also involved in the celebration of the First European Microfinance Day in their respective cities and with their respective networks. Here is a summary of what is taking place in Europe under the motto "What if we could turn job seekers into job creators?" 

Join us and be part of the First European Microfinance Day!

Adie (Paris, France)

Paris, France, 20th October | Adie (Association pour le droit à l'initiative économique) as the French leader in microcredit provision and pionneer microcredit operator in Europe, will decorate its subsidiaries with the European flag and will widely promote the first European Microfinance Day through its social networks. Contact Adie | Read Adie's Press Release


Agroinvest (Belgrade, Serbia)

Belgrade, Serbia, 20th October | Agroinvest, an affiliate of Vision Fund International, based in Serbia, is enhancing the message of an increasingly growing microfinance sector in Europe. This message is being broadcast to its governmental stakeholders. Contact Agroinvest


AMIK (Pristina, Kosovo)

Pristina, Kosovo, 20th October | AMIK, the national network for Microfinance Institutions in Kosovo, is organising its "Client Reward Ceremony for MFI clients" on the first European Microfinance Day. Further, a video clip animation will be broadcast on the main TV station and digital banners will be shown in Pristina city centre with the aim of raising awareness of the mission and work of MFIs in the country. Contact AMIK| See pictures | Watch the video


ANDC & Millennium bcp (Lisbon, Portugal)

Lisbon, Portugal, 20th October | ANDC (Associação Nacional do Direito ao Crédito) and Millennium BCP Bank are please to invite you to a Lisbon-based Conference on “Microfinance : a path to entrepreneurship”. Further, Millennium BCP Bank will celebrate the 4th edition of its Award "Prémio Realizar" to distinguish its most innovative and dynamic entrepreneurs. Contact ANDC | Contact Millennium bcp


Asociación Española de Microfinanzas & Fundación Montemadrid (Madrid, Spain)

Madrid, Spain, 14th October | Asociación Española de Microfinanzas and Fundación Montemadrid held an introductory session to the First European Microfinance Day on 14th October in Madrid.
Contact Asociación Española de Microfinanzas | Contact Fundación Montemadrid

Asociación Española de Microfinanzas also recorded a video to celebrate this initiative. Watch it here [Spanish]               

A video was made following the introductory session on 14th October. Watch it here [Spanish]


Deutsches Mikrofinanz Institut (DMI) (Berlin, Germany)

Berlin, Germany, 20th October | DMI, the German national network for microcredit providers, will issue a press release on the occasion of the first European Microfinance Day which will be published widely throughout its network. The message focusses on "microfinance as a tool to access the financial market" as a priority in the German context. Contact DMI | Read DMI's Press Release


Fair Finance (London, United Kingdom)

London, United Kingdom, 20th October | Fair Finance will work on awareness raising amongst the general public as Microfinance is not a term commonly used in the context of being practiced in the United Kingdom. A newsletter, a blog article and a press release will be published focussing on why microfinance is required in the UK and Europe, and on the economic and social outcomes that it has. Contact Fair Finance  | Read Fair Finance's Press Release here


good.bee Credit IFN (Bucharest, Romania)

Bucharest, Romania, 20th October | Good.bee Credit IFN is joining the campaign surrounding the first European Microfinance Day by launching, on this occasion, an innovative loan product addressed to animal breeders. This loan product comes with free insurance for animals (paid by good.bee) and a voucher of 100 RON which can be used for veterinary purposes. Good.bee Credit promotes microfinance as a viable alternative to mainstream lending products. Contact Good.Bee Credit | Read the Press Release


Hungarian Microfinance Network & Fejer Enterprise Agency & Credinfo (Budapest, Hungary)

Budapest, Hungary, 20th October | The Hungarian Microfinance Network together with Budapest Enterprise Agency established by the Local Government of Budapest and Fejér Enterprise Agency are jointly organising a national conference on ‘Non-profit microfinance to support economic recovery and job creation’. This event will draw the attention of political decision makers and the media to the importance of non-profit microfinance in job creation and economic development. Contact Hungarian Microfinance Network | See the website

The Hungarian Microfinance Network have recorded a video to mark the First European Microfinance Day. Watch it here


Micro Development (Belgrade, Serbia)

Belgrade, Serbia, 20th October | Micro Development will celebrate the 1st European Microfinance Day at its main office, talking with the representatives of various institutions and the media about the goals and results of microfinance in Serbia and Europe. And about the need for regulation and laws for microfinance in Serbia in accordance with the models and practices in EU countries. Our goal is to raise awareness of the importance of microfinance as a good way to create new jobs and social inclusion of unemployed and marginalised groups. Contact Micro Development


Microfinance Ireland (Dublin, Ireland)

Dublin, Ireland, 20th October | Microfinance Ireland has recorded a video entitled "Microfinance lending in Ireland gets European support". The video talks about EASI Guarantees. Watch it here
Contact Microfinance Ireland


microStart & Hefboom (Brussels, Belgium)

Brussels, Belgium, 20th October | microStart and Hefboom are jointly organising an afternoon session on the topic of challenges for business creation in Belgium (e.g. regulatory framework, coaching needs,…) . It will start with a practical workshop where micro-entrepreneurs, organised into small groups, will discuss real life situations from the credit committee (with focus on threshold for business creation). Afterwards, the results will be summarised and presented to policy makers. Contact microStart   |   Contact Hefboom


Nachala (Sofia, Bulgaria)

Sofia, Bulgaria, 20th October | Nachala, one of the biggest Microfinance providers in Bulgaria, is organising a round table discussion on the current problems of microfinance in the region. Contact Nachala


Nantik Lum & Fundación Tomillo (Madrid, Spain)

Madrid, Spain, 20th October | Nantik Lum and Fundación Tomillo, both EMN members, are invited by Clifford Chance to speak at the working breakfast on the occasion of the First European Mirofinance Day. The aim of this meeting is to promote a forum for debate and reflection on the role of microfinance when it comes to addressing employment and entrepreneurship policies in a bid for the inclusion of vulnerable groups to access to basic financial services. Contact Nantik Lum | Contact Fundación Tomillo


Madrid, Spain, 22nd October | Additionally, Nantik Lum are organising an informative session on Microfinance to explain to the general public what microfinance is and how it works, as well as to provide examples of cases of microfinance in Spain. The session will also explain how microfinance helps to create jobs and improve the living conditions of socially excluded people. Contact Nantik Lum to register for this session.


Opportunity Bank Serbia (Novi Sad, Serbia)

Novi Sad, Serbia, 20th October | Opportunity Bank Serbia plans to mark first European Microfinance Day by promoting the event via its social media channels. They will also produce little desk-flags with the European Microfinance Day brand and place it on the desks in OBS branches where clients are received. Contact Opportunity Bank Serbia


Partner (Tuzla, Bosnia-Herzegovina)

Tuzla, Bosnia-Herzegovina, 20th October | Partner sees a future in Bosnia-Herzegovina where financial services will be available to all those with an entrepreneurial spirit and those willing to work. Therefore, the main goal of their celebration of the European Microfinance Day is to promote Partner's activities in supporting micro entrepreneurs, engaging women in business and enhancing access to financial services and technical support in rural areas. Contact Partner | Read Partner's Press Release


Patria Credit (Bucharest, Romania)

Bucharest, Romania, 20th October | Patria Credit will offer an extra discount to clients who recruit new staff within 12 months of their loan disbursement in order to enhance the message of microfinance as a tool for job creation in a practical manner. Further, Patria Credit will promote the message through its branch network and on its website. Contact Patria Credit


PerMicro (Turin, Italy)

Turin, Italy, 20th October | PerMicro is the first Italian microcredit company and is organising a nation-wide open day on the occasion the first European Microfinance Day. The day's main message will focus on personal exchange with (potential) clients, "Visit us and discover success stories that have come out of business microcredit!”. Further, PerMicro's President, Corrado Ferretti, will be a panellist at the Brussels-based workshop on regulation for microfinance in the EU. Contact PerMicro | Watch the video of PerMicro's First European Microfinance Day.


Polish Union of Loan Funds (PZFP) (Warsaw, Poland)

Warsaw, Poland, 20th October | PZFP, the Polish Union of Loan Funds and host of the next EMN Annual Conference in 2016, will launch a marketing campaign in the media to celebrate the 1st European Microfinance Day. The aim is to publish the positive impact of their activities on entrepreneurship and employability in Poland throughout the past years. Contact PZFP


Qredits (Almelo, Netherlands)

Almelo, the Netherlands, 20th October | Qredits, the main microcredit provider in the Netherlands, is offering, on the occasion of the First European Microfinance Day, a special discount to more than 1 000 potential micro-entrepreneurs for its e-learning course on "how to write a business plan". Further, Qredits will issue a press release on their website, social media and to more than 100 journalists on the celebration of the first European Microfinance Day in parallel with its signing of the EaSI guarantee. Contact Qredits 


Ritmi (Verona, Italy)

Verona, Italy, 20th October | RITMI, the Italian Network for Microfinance, is organising a workshop on financial inclusion and microcredit: a new key challenge. The question of 'how do we support microcredit providers and the development of innovative non-financial services in Italy?' will be addressed. The event is organised in collaboration with the Italian cooperative MAG. Contact Ritmi | Read more here

A video was also created following the event, watch it here [Italian, Spanish]

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