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| Press Release 19/10/2015 

| Press Release 20/10/2015 

Press Conference recording

On the occasion of the opening session of the First European Microfinance Day, a Press Conference was organised to present the main lines of the EU agenda for microfinance, the policy proposals of the sector and the rationale for the European Microfinance Day.


Opening session recording

Workshop recording

  • Watch the video recording from the workshop on Regulations and Laws for Microfinance in the EU. The video includes the presentation of the Helenos project. 


    Media Coverage

    • The First European Microfinance Day had an impact on the European media. Several newspapers, radio stations, online platforms, blogs… covered the first edition of this event, which is expected to be celebrated every year in order to give visibility to the sector by explaining its benefits as a tool to fight financial exclusion in Europe.


    Social Media Coverage

    • The EMD was actively promoted on social media by the European Microfinance Network (EMN) and its online community. This activity was also picked up by various other parties. As a result, the First European Microfinance Day reached a wide audience in Europe.