European Good Practices in rural microfinance


Microfinance, a fundamental component of entrepreneurship in rural areas

Business Development Association (ADA) is the beneficiary of this 17-month multi-regional project co-financed by the European Social Fund. The project aims at developing a network of micro-enterprises specialized in microfinance operating in villages, which are the poles of entrepreneurial employment for unemployed, managers and employees in rural areas.

Within the framework of this project EMN has been appointed by ADA to provide consultancy services. In particular the overall objective of the EMN assignment is to provide strategic guidance, recommendations and examples of best practices on the microfinance activity at EU level with applicability to the specificity of Romanian rural areas.


Thus EMN will be contributing to the fulfillment of the overall project’s objective drafting a publication that will include:

  • An overview of the microfinance sector in the EU with a particular focus on rural microfinance.

  • The presentation of a set of rural microfinance best practices identified within the European context.

  • A series of guidelines addressed to both Romanian MFIs and entrepreneurs based on rural microfinance good practices and success stories at European level.

Additionally EMN will participate to promotional events and seminars presenting the main findings of the publication.

The publication and the related materials as well as the latest news concerning the project advancement will be uploaded on EMN website in the coming months.