2nd European Microfinance Day

2nd European Microfinance Day  |  20th October 2016

Creating Opportunities beyond Microcredit


The second edition of the EMD highlighted the importance of the comprehensive package of services that the microfinance sector offers to its clients.

The 2nd European Microfinance Day specifically focused on the importance of the provision of non-financial services – or accompanying activities - as a fundamental part of the support to the clients.

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Brussels-based event

Non-financial services from the Microfinance sector.
A fundamental tool to cope with the refugee crisis

Watch now the recording of the session! 

  • Thursday 27 October, 14.00 - 17.30 

  • Headquarters of the European Economic and Social Committee (EESC) | Jacques Delors Building - Room JDE62 | Rue Belliard 99 1000 Brussels

The purpose of this central event in Brusselshas was threefold:

  • To collect and report on the events that EMN and MFC members organised the previous week across the continent on the occasion of the EMD.

  • To introduce the report on the findings of the EMN-MFC Overview Survey on the Microfinance sector in Europe 2014-15

  • To analyse the current possibilities for financing the non-financial services offered by the MF sector and to explore alternatives at EU level

Near 100 representatives participated in the event including individuals from the European Microfinance sector, EU representatives and individuals from other social development sectors in Europe.

Further information on the event agenda, content and presentations shared


Watch: Non-Financial Services according to EMN & MFC members

On the occasion of the Second European Microfinance Day, EMN and MFC asked their members to provide videoclips related to the current theme of the event.

Members' response exceeded our expectations, by involving their clients and offering different versions of microfinance beyond microcredit

Hope you enjoy these videos and get inspired!

"Not only microcredit but also... "

Non-financial services explained by EMN and MFC members 

Non-financial services explained by microfinance clients 


Local Action

EMN and MFC members got involved in the celebration of the Second European Microfinance Day. Here is a summary of what took place in Europe under the motto "Creating Opportunities beyond microcredit".


Press Releases

- 20th October - Official European Microfinance Day

More than 200,000 European microfinance clients reached by non-financial services

- Post-Press Release on the occasion of the Brussels-based event 27th October

EC’s 2017 pilot project to finance MFIs to be able to provide non-financial services to refugees


The Brussels-based event in pictures:



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