Workshops and Trainings


In 2016 and continuing into 2017, EMN has organised various workshops and mutual learning seminars in the scope of the Employment and Social Innovation Technical Assistance (EaSI TA) Programme.

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Out of the Jasmine context, during 2015 EMN continued organising workshops and trainings for the benefit of its members and the Microfinance sector.

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2013 - 2014

JASMINE Workshops

The JASMINE initiative (Joint Action to support microfinance institutions in Europe) was launched in November 2007 by DG Regio. It aims at better promoting microcredit in the European Union, in support of growth and employment.  The global objective of the JASMINE initiative is to support well-established or greenfield MFIs (or MFIs in their development phase) improve the quality of their operations, to develop and become sustainable. The objective is to establish partnerships between these MFIs and banks or financial institutions.

With an initial budget of 20 million Euro, JASMINE is financed by the EIB, with the additional financial support from the European Commission (Directorate General for Regional Policy), and managed by the European Investment Fund.

JASMINE comprises of funding, technical assistance, three-year pilot phase to identify best practices, publications, conferences, seminars, exchange visits, and a Code of conduct.

EMN aisbl has been chosen to implement a new project within JASMINE initiative called ‘Microfinance Development Services’ and built around the organization of workshops. At least one MFI has to be associated with each workshop. Workshops are open to individuals, micro entrepreneurs, micro enterprises and other people and organisations interested in microfinance in the European Union.

Jasmine Workshops 2013 - 2014

EIF Topic for Jasmine

Proposed WS date


Event organization

The importance of corporate governance for MFIs development December 17th 2013 Brussels, Belgium EMN / ESBG  
Innovative techniques for offering non-financial services November 29th 2013 Bucharest, Romania EMN / Patria Credit  
Alternative models to fund microenterprises: P2P lending, guarantees and micro-equity November 14th-16th 2013 Luxembourg, Luxembourg European Microfinance Week
Comparing business models in European microfinance October 15th 2013 Milan, Italy Permicro-RITMI
Social inclusion/personal lending: a new trend in microfinance? September 17th 2013 Paris, France Convergences World Forum
Savings the forgotten half of microfinance? July 4th 2013 The Hague, The Netherlands The Hague University of Applied Sciences
How to increase outreach towards specific target groups June 26th 2013 Stockholm, Sweden   EMN AC
Raising funds and attract new investments June 25th 2013 Stockholm, Sweden   EMN AC
Implementing the European Code of Good Conduct June 25th-26th 2013 Stockholm, Sweden   EMN AC
Cooperation between banks and MFIs April 22nd 2013 Majorca, Spain FEBEA General Assembly

JASMINE Technical Assistance

The European Commission (through the European Investment Fund-EIF) provides Technical Assistance to selected microfinance institutions (MFIs) and micro-credit providers active in the European Union to increase the quality of their internal processes. EMN aisbl has been selected to provide this technical assistance and is currently engaged in assignments with two MFIs: Crédal (Belgium) and Qredits (The Netherlands).

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