Newsletter 2017 #3

In this edition:

14th EMN Annual Conference 2017

- Outputs from Venice

Latest EMN News

- Qredits | New EMN presidency

- EMN Magazine | Microfinance and Financial Education: Evidences from Europe

- Video | Microfinance in Europe: A Survey of EMN-MFC Members for 2014-2015

- Outputs from EMN Webinar with Adie

- EMN Annual Report 2016

- Welcome to our newest members!

EaSI Helpdesk on Microfinance

Opportunities and news of interest from the sector

- First social finance transaction in Italy to provide EUR 50 million for social enterprises - Microfinance Centre

- Alternative Finance Forum - EIF Working Papers n.42 & n.43

- Report on Tackling Financial Exclusion Through Local Finance Partnerships

- Master in Microfinance and Financial Inclusion

- Successful and inspiring projects financed by EaSI and its predecessors

- Open calls for proposals

- Job vacancies at Inpulse, Accion & e-MFP

News from EMN Staff!

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