Mission and Vision


To provide advocacy and facilitate capacity building at European level by promoting transparency, best practice, good governance and research among social purpose organisations delivering financial services to the underserved or facilitating access to such services.


EMN envisions a society in which all those who are financially and socially excluded have access to the full range of financial and complementary support services, empowering them to start new ventures, consolidate existing businesses and finance personal needs that improve their lives.

EMN Activities

EMN will aim to organise its activities in an efficient and economical way with lean and sustainable support facilities. In order to maintain and develop a sustainable and diversified funding base, EMN will also be involved in the elaboration, coordination and/or implementation of other projects and services in such a way to ensure that the total costs of delivering the core activities of the organisation are covered.

Nevertheless, the core activities of the organisation will be focused on the following activities:

- Advocacy at European level

EMN's competitive advantage is its pan-European perspectives on the sector, direct access to MFIs and close links to the Commission.

EMN will aim to build closer and stronger relations with EU institutions, addressing policy makers, regulators and funders of the sector in order to lobby for favourable policies for the development of the sector.

EMN should work to improve the European regulatory framework environment for microfinance by influencing policy. EMN will support members by advocating for change and improvements in the national microfinance context, and act as a conduit of information on national and international policy and advocacy.

- Capacity building facilitation

EMN will focus its capacity building activities on key issues for the institutional reinforcement of the members such as: growth, sustainability, good governance, quality, research and transparency of MFIs to increase the impact of microfinance in Europe.

EMN will decentralise the organisation and the execution of its activities as much as possible through membership, encouraging and facilitating local and regional collaboration and forming working groups in which members actively participate to encourage input into its activities.

EMN will build up its own expertise in capacity building but will not aim to employ its own implementing / executing training, consultancy and research team. It will lead and coordinate opportunities with members.

You can download the 2015-2020 EMN strategy here