October 2017 - Microfinance and Start-ups in Europe

This series of country reports is part of a joint EMN-MFC research to map the relationship between microfinance and the non-tech start-up ecosystem in Europe.

In support of this research, EMN covered four Western European countries: Germany, Italy, Spain and UK. Country reports have been carried out by the respective microfinance National Networks and provide an overview of national strategies, microfinance initiatives and a set of policy recommendations aimed at deepening the effectiveness of microfinance support for start-ups.


     Spanish country profile    UK country profile  




      Italian country profile  German country profile



EMN and MFC also published a report that explores the theoretical background and the emergent evidence related to the role of access to finance for business start-ups and self-employment in Europe, with a specific focus on the role of
microfinance institutions. 

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