Microfinance overview surveys

The EMN aisbl supports the edition of a biennial survey on microfinance in Europe. The aim is to offer the readers an overall view of the European microfinance market in terms of sector (provision scale, growth, actors engaged), client outreach and social performance (specific target groups, social mission and inclusion, etc.), institutional and geographical diversity (range, diversity, location), products and services (professional loans, consumer and personal loans, BDS, etc.), financial performance (data, indicators), policy development (regulation, code of good conduct, networking), and outlook of the sector’s development (crises impact, trends, funding).

The overview doesn’t aim to be exhaustive in its content. Further, due to a lack of data collection out in the field (MFIs unable to collect data on their operations and clients) and secondly, due to a lack of reporting from the field (MFIs not providing results to the EMN secretariat), EMN is currently unable to offer an exhaustive view on the sector. However, we are striving for better data collection and integration of this information in the overview survey in the near future. The EMN Overview Survey is currently the only survey on the European microfinance sector.

In 2014-2015, the survey was carried out by Fondazione Giordano Dell’Amore.

Microfinance in Europe: A Survey of EMN-MFC Members. Report 2014-2015