Responsible Finance: The industry in 2016

Responsible Finance, one of EMN's members from the UK, has released its latest research which shows how the responsible finance industry is building the financial resilience of Britain’s businesses and consumers. The industry continues to play a vital role in boosting economic growth.

By extending access to fair and affordable credit, in 2016 the responsible finance industry:

  • Supported the start-up and survival of over 10,000 small businesses and social enterprises

  • Created and saved over 20,000 jobs

  • Helped 37,000 people access affordable credit, and supported them to deposit £3m in savings accounts

This report compiles the achievements of Responsible Finance members over the course of 2016. Set against previous years, the picture it paints is of a growing sector having a tangible impact on local economies and livelihoods. The changing context of the United Kingdom over the coming years means that the ongoing commitment to ensuring access to fair finance makes the responsible finance industry more important than ever.

More information and the full report can be found on Responsible Finance's website.