Rising to the youth employment challenge: New evidence on key policy issues

By Niall O’Higgins

Young people today face a daunting task in seeking to enter the world of work. The global recession has left its mark and, although they have witnessed modest falls in recent years, youth unemployment rates remain stubbornly high.

Unemployment, moreover, is only the tip of the iceberg; the quality of employment available to young people is increasingly an issue for concern. In low- and middle-income countries vulnerable and/or informal employment has come to dominate young people’s labour market experiences, while in higher-income countries temporary and other non-standard forms of employment are increasingly becoming the norm.

This ILO publication contains a range of analyses and reviews of evidence, adopting a variety of appropriate methodologies to examine a series of specific questions related to youth employment policy with a view to producing specific policy recommendations to support the more effective integration of young people into decent work.

After a brief discussion of some of the major global issues in youth labour markets in chapter 1, six thematic chapters focus on new evidence on key policy issues.

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