Peer-to-peer visits
        Nov 2012 - Microcrédit Solidaire Suisse (Switzerland) & Qredits Microfinanciering Nederland (Netherlands)
       October 2012 - CREDAL (Belgium) & PSYBT (Uk)
       October 2012 - CP'AC (Spain) & Deutsches Mikrofinanz Institut (Germany)
       May 2012 - FEA (Hungary) & Credinfo Ltd. (Hungary) & Microcrédit Solidaire Suisse (Switzerland)
       Apr 2011 - Center for Microfinance INHolland (Netherlands) & ACAF (Spain)
       Sep-Nov 2010 - NCN (Norway) & Qredits (Netherlands) & FEA (Hungary)
       Jul 2010 - Neem (Sweden) & PerMicro (Italy)
       Apr 2010 - ANDC (Portugal) & Adie (France)
       Mar 2010 - Transformando (Spain) & New Economics Foundation (UK)
       May 2013 - Qredits (Netherland) & PerMicro (Italy)
       Jun 2013 - microStart (Belgium) & ADIE (France)
       Sep 2013 - DMI (Germany) & FGDA -RITMI- (Italy)
       Nov 2013 - PerMicro (Italy) & Qredits (Netherlands)
       March 2014 - FEA / CREDINFO (Hungary) & CEEI Burgos (Spain)
       April 2014 - Fondi BESA (Albania) & FEA (Hungary)
       July 2014 - Hefboom (Belgium) & Qredits (The Netherlands)
       May 2015 - FEA & CRÉA-SOL
       May 2015 - FEA & Groupe ESC Dijon Bourgogne
       Oct 2015 - microStart & Microfinance Ireland visit Qredits
       Dec 2015 - MicroLux (BNP) & PerMicro
       May 2016 - Fundación Oportunitas & microStart
       May 2016 - FEA & ANDC
       March 2017 - Permicro & AgroInvest
       June 2017 - AgroInvest & Banca Popolare Etica
Debates & Webinars
       November 2013 - The Impact of Microfinance as Active Inclusion Strategy
       May 2013 - Meeting the economic and social needs of migrants, which role for Microfinance?
       December 2012 - Microfinance as a tool of active ageing
       November 2011 - Saving as a route to social inclusion in Europe: evidence, challenges and opportunities
       May 2011 - The work of Savings Banks in Microcredit in Europe
       April 2011 - Microfinance in Belgium. Microcredit: A Tool for Economic Integration.
       October 2014 - Webinar on The EMN Overview Survey Report on a crossroads
       January 2015 - Webinar on The EMN Strategy 2015-2020
       November 2015 - Webinar on Good Practice on Social Performance Management from Mi-Bospo
       December 2015 - Webinar on Good Practice in rural microfinance: OBS tablet technology as a tool for improving service to small rural farmers in Serbia
       September 2016 - Webinar on Good Practices in non-financial services: Qredits’ e-learning courses for entrepreneurs
       December 2016 - Webinar on Microfinance in Europe: Key Results from the EMN-MFC Survey Report 2014-2015
       May 2017 - Webinar on Strengthening vulnerable micro-enterprises through microinsurance: The Adie Experience
       Sept 2017 - Webinar on MFIs Fintechs MicroBank’s pilot on psychometric scoring
       Sept 2017 - Webinar on Introduction to social performance management: what is it & what is the role of governance in effective SPM?
       Oct 2017 - Webinar on Social Performance Management: How to ensure that my organisation does not harm clients?
Exchange visits
       2012 - Exchange visit Brussels (Belgium) on Process of Business Microloans
       2010 - Exchange Visit Lisbon (Portugal)
       2010 - Exchange Visit Warsaw (Poland)
       2013 - Exchange Visit Brussels (Belgium) on EU Funds
       2014 - Exchange Visit Brussels (Belgium): EaSI workshop for microcredit providers & Field Visit to microStart
       2015 - Exchange Visit Almelo (Netherlands) on Qredit's lessons learnt & the use of online tools
       2016 - Exchange Visit Paris (France) on European Social Fund and Microfinance
Latest actions
Workshops and Trainings
       Jasmine - Social inclusion/personal lending: a new trend in microfinance?
       Jasmine - Savings, the forgotten half of microfinance?
       Jasmine - How to increase outreach towards specific target groups?
       Jasmine - Innovative ways to raise funds and attract new investments
       Jasmine - European Code of Good Conduct Desk
       2012 - Accessing EU programmes available for microfinance
       2012 - Importance of local currency lending
       2012 - Promotion of the European Code of Good Conduct and labeling of EU MFIs
       2012 - Public - Private Partnership (PPP) models in Microfinance
       2012 - Microfinance regulatory frameworks in EU
       2012 - Business Development Services: who is going to pay for it?
       2012 - Measuring and Managing Social Performance
       2012 - Downscaling into microfinance by banks
       2012 - The role of capacity building in the development of a solid EU microfinance industry
       2011 - Management information systems
       2011 - Good governance of MFIs in Europe
       2011 - Foreign exchange risk management techniques
       2011 - Strategic planning and the sustainability of MFIs in the European Union
       2011 - European Commission’ Code of Good Conduct for Microfinance Providers
       Jasmine - The double bottom line in the European microfinance: comparing business models
       Jasmine - Alternative models to fund micro-enterprises
       Jasmine - Innovative techniques for offering non-financial services
       Jasmine - The importance of corporate governance for MFIs development
       Jasmine - Cooperation between banks and MFIs
       2015 - The new EaSI Guarantee: Technical session about the procedures for application
       2015 - Microfinance promoting renewable energy to preserve the food chain
       EaSI TA events - Workshops and Mutual Learning
Think-tanks and Idea-labs
       National Networks Committee
       Former Idea Labs & Working Groups
       Sub-Contracting Committee
       Research Committee
       Think Tank on Social Performance Management
       Think-tank on Fundraising for Microfinance
Capacity building
Information exchange
Other projects
Annual Conferences
       Microfinance Good Practices Europe Award
       European Microfinance Research Award
Microfinance for migrants in the EU
       News & Publications
European Good Practices in rural microfinance
       News & Publications
       Workshops & Seminars
1st European Microfinance Day
       Opening session - 19/10/2015
       Workshop on Regulations and laws for microfinance in the EU - 20/10/2015
       Press Corner | Videos | Media Coverage
       The 1st European Microfinance Day across the EU-28 | Local Action
       The opening session in pictures
EaSI Technical Assistance
       Project Updates
2nd European Microfinance Day
       Concept & Purpose
       Event in Brussels
       Local Action
       Communication Outputs: press release & pictures
       Watch: Non-Financial Services according to EMN & MFC members
ATM for SMEs
3rd European Microfinance Day
       1st European Microfinance Day
       2nd European Microfinance Day
       Key facts & useful information
       Fair Finance for All
       Local Action: Bosnia-Herzegovina
       Local Action: Italy
       Local Action: Netherlands
       Local Action: Romania
       Local Action: Serbia
       Local Action: Greece
       Local Action: Luxembourg
       Local Action: Spain
       Local Action: France
       Local Action: Belgium
       Communication corner: what's been said about us
       Local Action: Ireland
       How do members support the access to fair finance for ALL?
       Local Action: Poland
       Local Action: Macedonia


Other EMN publications
       Research Working Group: Social Performance in European Microfinance
       Research Working Group: What do we really know about BDS?
       IT Working Group: the use of technology in Microfinance
       Legal & Regulatory Working Group: A Collection of Case Studies on the Legal and Regulatory Framework for Microfinance Provision
       Research Working Group: Microfinance as a Tool of Active Ageing
       The Importance of a Microfinance Legislation for the Development of the Sector in Spain
       Microfinance Growth Stories in the EU - A comparison of growth strategies of the members of the EMN working group on Growth and key findings for peer exchange
       The Impact of Microfinance as Active Inclusion Strategy
       The German ‘Mikrokreditwunder’: Lessons learned – challenges encountered
       EMN Working Paper: European microfinance and social performance: where do we stand?
       Credit Scoring in the European (Micro)finance Sector
       Credit Risk Management and Credit Scoring: State of the art and perspective
       La microfinance en Europe vis-à-vis de la performance sociale: où en sommes-nous?
       European Good Practices in rural microfinance
External resources
       ESF funds for microfinance
       Youth unemployment: Engage, Reform, Adapt
       Green Action Plan for SMEs
       The impact of professional microcredit in France and in developed countries
       How to access EU Structural and Investment Funds 2014-2020
       Best practices on microfinance for migrants at the European level: indicators and categories
       Guidelines for SME Access to Finance Market Assessments
       Interregional cooperation programme 2014-2020, INTERREG EUROPE
       Microfinance Banana Skins 2014: Facing reality
       Green Microfinance in Europe
       Inside Community Finance - The CDFI Industry in the UK 2014
       Microfinance Barometer 2014
       Measuring Financial Inclusion in the EU: the New “Financial Inclusion Score”
       Debt, Borrowing and Over-Indebtedness: a country-level monitoring framework
       Final Workshop Report on “Microfinance for SMEs in the Black Sea Economic Cooperation Region"
       Microfinance Barometer 2015
       Performance Monitoring Report of the European Union Programme for Employment and Social Innovation 2014
       Evaluating the Impact of European Microfinance – The Foundations
       The Missing Entrepreneurs 2015 - Policies for Self-employment and Entrepreneurship
       Employment and Social Developments in Europe 2015
       Factsheet - Financial instruments working with microfinance
       MFC Policy Paper No. 3: Of Mice and Unemployed: Rethinking Micro-Enterprise & Small-Business Policies in the EU
       MFC Policy Paper No. 4: Too Little or Too Much Credit: Small Business Indebtedness in the EU
       Microfinance under the European Social Fund 2014-2020
       Microfinance, what is it all about? Molenaar, K. & Lehmann, J-M.
       It is beautiful but remains small... Kraaij, A. & Molenaar, K.
       They are not yet seen, but... Hybrid Entrepreneurship emerging in a changing society. Molenaar, K.
       Entrepreneurs May Have Many Faces - By Various Authors
       Microfinance Barometer 2016
       Financial services for all: A CSFI ‘Banana Skins’ survey of the risks in financial inclusion
       Evaluation and Analysis of Good Practices in Promoting and Supporting Migrant Entrepreneurship
       MFC Research paper: Measuring Financial Inclusion in the EU: Financial Inclusion Score Approach
       MFC Research paper: Financing Gap and SME Employment Growth: Beyond Access to Finance
       MFC Policy Paper No. 5: Demystifying the Role of Microfinance in Job Creation
       Supporting “generation start-up”: Opportunities for Hungarian MFIs
       Supporting “generation start-up”: Opportunities for Romanian MFIs
       Microfinance Barometer 2017
       Delivering Financial Capability - A Look at Business Approaches
       Exploring self-employment in the European Union - Eurofound Research Report
       Banking on the future: an exploration on FinTech and the consumer interest
       How Financial Institutions and Fintechs Are Partnering for Inclusion
       March 2013 - Migrants' financial inclusion in the EU: which role for the microfinance sector?
       December 2012 - Microfinance as a support to Senior Entrepreneurship
       December 2011 - Microfinance: an economic integration tool for young people in Europe
       December 2010 - Microfinance and Asset Building in Europe
       June 2010 - Banks and Microfinance in Europe
       March 2014 - Credit crunch and its consequences: alternative paths shaping the European credit sector
       May 2015 - Crowdfunding and P2P lending: which opportunities for Microfinance?
       May 2016 - Personal loans: the forgotten half of microcredit?
       May 2017 - Microfinance and Financial Education: Evidences from Europe
Policy Notes
       December 2012 - Active Ageing in the European Union
       December 2012 - Perspectives for EU Financial Instruments for Microfinance and SMEs
       December 2012 - Overview of the microcredit sector in the European Union 2010-11
       October 2012 - Saving: the forgotten half of microfinance?
       December 2011 - Microfinance and Youth Employment
       December 2011 - BDS and Microfinance in Europe
       December 2011 - European Code of Good Conduct for Microcredit Provision
       September 2010 - Microfinance and the National Action Plans for Social Inclusion
       June 2010 - Overview of the Microcredit sector in the European Union 2008-2009
       November 2013 - The Social Investment Package
       November 2013 - Implementation of the European Code of Good Conduct for Microcredit Provision
       November 2013 - The role of Microfinance and Entrepreneurship during the next EU budgetary period 2014-2020
       December 2013 - The role of Green Microfinance and its potential on job creation in Europe
       August 2014 - Microfinance and Social Entrepreneurship
       September 2014 - The EMN Overview of the Microcredit Sector in the European Union 2012-13
       November 2014 - The 11th EMN Annual Conference: Employment, Challenges and Opportunities for Microfinance
       December 2014 - The role of Microfinance and Self Controlled Financing Systems
       July 2015 - The 12th EMN AC: Microfinance and Banks, are we the right partners?
       October 2015 - Sector proposals to increase the impact of Microfinance in the EU
       December 2015 - Sector proposals following EIB’s announced support for refugees
Research papers
        December 2012 - EMN Research on Senior Entrepreneurship
       November 2012 - EMN study for Youth Entrepreneurship
       June 2011 - Microfinance and Business Development Services in Europe. What can we learn from the South?
       April 2011 - Microfinance in Europe and its Outreach to Target Groups
       December 2013 - European Green Microfinance: a first look
       June 2015 - Microfinance Institutions and Banks in Europe: The story to date
       October 2017 - Microfinance and Start-ups in Europe
Microfinance overview surveys
       Overview of the Microcredit Sector in the European Union 2010-2011
       Overview of the Microcredit Sector in the European Union 2008-2009
       Overview of the Microcredit Sector in the European Union 2012-2013
       EMN-MFC Survey Report 2014-2015
       Terms of Reference | Report 2016-2017
Good practices
       Communication & Promotion
       Development of Partnerships / Community Development
       Mission / Target groups
       New Platforms
       Products & Services
       Advocacy & Regulations
Legislative Mapping Reports
       The Netherlands
       United Kingdom


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Review of the social situation in the European Union
Europe: more innovative, but regional differences persist
Interregional cooperation programme 2014-2020, INTERREG EUROPE
Over € 24m for Spanish micro-enterprises: EIF and Laboral Kutxa agreement under Progress Microfinance
Social entrepreneurship and other models to secure employment for those most in need
Guidelines for SME Access to Finance Market Assessments
Measuring impact and non-financial returns in impact investing: LSE Research Paper
The European Venture Philanthropy and Social Investment sector strengthens its relevance to tackle societal challenges
SMEs find it hard to obtain feedback on their loan applications
Investing in children: breaking the cycle of disadvantage
Best practices on microfinance for migrants at the European level: indicators and categories
Unleashing the potential of Crowdfunding in the European Union
Public consultation on the Europe 2020 strategy: share your feedback!
6th edition of the International Master in Microfinance for Entrepreneurship starts in October 2014
Entrepreneurship and microfinance in the current economic crisis context
Amending the Budget to cover research, education, support to businesses and Cohesion Policy
Microfinance as a Cure for Unemployment? - EMN Event to Discuss Microcredit’s Potential in Job Creation - Press release
EC Consultation: contributions of institutions to resolution financing arrangements
How to access EU Structural and Investment Funds 2014-2020
The impact of professional microcredit in France and in developed countries
Europe Reaches Common Ground on Impact Measurement Standard
Green Action Plan for SMEs
EIF Working Paper on European Small Business Finance Outlook
Value chains in green microfinance
Youth unemployment: Engage, Reform, Adapt
Microfinance Banana Skins 2014 - The CSFI survey of microfinance risk is out!
Investing in people: EU funding for employment and social inclusion
Energy efficiency, employment and SMEs are core focus of EU 2014-2020 Cohesion Policy
155 small firms to receive funding in first wave of grants under EU SME Instrument
Video: Overview of the microfinance sector in Europe
Drivers of recent job polarisation and upgrading in Europe
The German ‘Mikrokreditwunder’: Lessons learned – challenges encountered
Study on imperfections in the area of microfinance
Jorge Ramirez's Article on The Role of Microfinance During the Next EU Budgetary Period 2014-20
Green Microfinance in Europe - a new working paper is online!
Employment policy beyond the crisis
Social Justice in the EU – A Cross-national Comparison
Poverty and inequality in the EU
Working towards sustainable development
Mentoring: Key actors meet
Progress Microfinance loans worth €182 million given to over 20,000 entrepreneurs
Institutional non-bank lending and the role of debt funds
Microfinance Barometer 2014
European microfinance and social performance: where do we stand?
Microfinance: Coaching, Counting, and Crowding - Call for papers
World Savings Day Celebrated around the World
EU Annual Growth Survey 2015
EU launches Investment Plan for growth and jobs
Start-up incentives in Europe: Activating jobseekers through entrepreneurship
The Missing Entrepreneurs 2014 - Policies for inclusive entrepreneurship in Europe
Qredits increases credit limit to €250,000
Proposed Approaches to Social Impact Measurement
Employment and Social Developments in Europe 2014
SME Instrument: €9 million for feasibility studies
SME Instrument: €108 million for innovation activities and business plans
Twitter chat on the SME Instrument 11th February
European Commission and EIB Group support microfinance in Spain
The Microcredit in France and in Europe in 2030
Entrepreneurship Education: A road to success
Pinnae Foundation`s "Genera" Programme celebrates its first anniversary
Learning from Failures in Venture Philantrophy and Social Investement
1st Anniversary Program GENERA: A Real Success!
MFC initiative for EU based microfinance institutions
The Youth Guarantee: European approach to fight youth unemployment
Addressing youth unemployment in the EU
Commission has committed €3.8 billion to fight poverty and help the most vulnerable in Europe
Survey on the performance of the EaSI Programme
Recent publications by the Social Protection Committee
SME finance in Europe
A Beginner's Guide to EU Funding
Social policy innovation: Meeting the social needs of citizens
Policy Brief on Expanding Networks for Inclusive Entrepreneurship
EU support for French SMEs
Financing SMEs and Entrepreneurs 2015: An OECD Scoreboard
EIB and Banco Sabadell: EUR 500 million for SMEs
Interim Evaluation of Progress Microfinance
European Small Business Finance Outlook - EIF Working Paper
European Commission and European Investment Fund mobilise €500 million for social and micro-entrepreneurs
EC and EIF mobilise €500 million for social and micro-entrepreneurs
Social Value: A Reporting Framework for Community Finance
Blog: Microfinance and banks: Are we the right partners?
The Economic Impact of EU Guarantees on Credit to SMEs - Evidence from CESEE Countries: EIF Working Paper
Microfinance Barometer 2015
New technical assistance project to support microfinance in Europe
2014 Social Protection Performance Monitor (SPPM) dashboard results
Performance Monitoring Report of the European Union Programme for Employment and Social Innovation (EaSI) 2014
EIB: Action Plan for Greece & Support for Refugees
Borrow Wisely Campaign 2015: International financial education campaign will reach over 150 000 clients in 30 days
Finding financial refuge
European Commission launches EaSI-MicPro
Cantilan Bank wins the Giordano Dell'Amore Microfinance Best Practices International Award 2015
Investment Plan for Europe: over €1 billion of EIF equity investments for SMEs and start-ups across Europe since January
Public consultation on the review of the European Venture Capital Funds (EuVECA) and European Social Entrepreneurship Funds (EuSEF) regulations
Crédit Rural de Guinée Wins 6th European Microfinance Award, for Innovative Response to Ebola Outbreak
Financing patterns of European SMEs: An Empirical Taxonomy
SME Securitisation – at a crossroads?
Microfinance Market Outlook 2016 - Developments, forecasts, trends
The Missing Entrepreneurs 2015 - Policies for Self-employment and Entrepreneurship
Record year for responsible finance industry
Evaluation Roadmap - EaSI programme
Investment Plan for Europe: EIB Group supports microfinancing in the Netherlands with Qredits
Employment and Social Developments in Europe 2015
New EVPA research and practical tool out now - the why, what and how of social impact investment and venture philanthropy
Financial instruments working with microfinance - Factsheet
EU Employment and Social Situation - Quarterly Review – Winter 2015
EIB & MicroBank announce agreement to facilitate access to finance for Master’s students in European universities
Refugee Microfinance - SPTF partners with UNHCR
Implementation of a micro-financial instrument in Greece
Microfinance: Lending Small, Thinking Big
Consultation on improving the environment for start-ups in Europe
Employment: Quarterly Review highlights steady improvement in activity rate in the EU
European Parliamentarians Discuss Digitalisation of Credit Union Services
HM the Queen Maxima addressed Event ‘Meedoen geld (t)?’ in The Hague
New publications on Microfinance, Graduation & Hybrid Entrepreneurship
Integration of refugees in the EU - EESC Opinion
2 Public Consultations on the European Refugee Fund actions
EIF Working Paper n. 34: The impact of EIF on the VC ecosystem
First EaSI microfinance deal in Albania to benefit 5,000 micro-enterprises
EIF Working Paper n. 35: European Small Business Finance Outlook
EU Employment and Social Situation - Quarterly Review – Spring 2016
EIF Working Paper n. 36: The role of cooperative banks and smaller institutions for the financing of SMEs and small midcaps in Europe
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Financial services for all: A CSFI ‘Banana Skins’ survey of the risks in financial inclusion
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Financial Inclusion for Refugee Populations - The Next Frontier
Responsible Finance supports a new affordable loans portal to help people break a cycle of debt
EU Social Justice Index 2016. Key Findings.
EMN-MFC Survey Report 2014-2015
Commercialisation of Social Enterprises - an upcoming MOOC
EIF & EU Commission launch new capacity building initiative for micro-credit and social finance providers
EIF Working Paper n.37: European Small Business Finance Outlook, December 2016
EIF Working Paper n.38: Growth patterns of EIF-backed startups
Social Protection Committee Annual Report 2016
First European microfinance institution certified under the European Code of Good Conduct
European Platform for Financial Education Launched
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EIF Working Paper: Guaranteeing Social Enterprises – The EaSI way
Microlux, the first microfinance institution for Luxembourg
Juncker Plan supports 400 microbusinesses in Luxembourg
Application for the European Microfinance Award 2017 is now open
MFC launched a Survey on Digital Solutions in Microfinance
Online Master of Leadership in Development Finance
Pilot phase of the European Code of Good Conduct has come to an end
Tackling Financial Exclusion Through Local Finance Partnerships
EIF Working Paper n.42: Credit Guarantee Schemes for SME lending in Western Europe
First social finance transaction in Italy to provide EUR 50million for social enterprises
EIF Working Paper n.43: European Small Business Finance Outlook
Successful and inspiring projects financed by EaSI and its predecessors
Venice Declaration – Towards real inclusion
BCRS, first UK lender awarded Code of Good Conduct
FondiBESA, first beneficiary of the Banca Etica, EMN and CoopEst partnership
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