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The Czepczyński Family Foundation (CFF) from Poland. CFF is operating in the area of education of children in the pre-school and early school grade. CFF's flagship projects include entrepreneurship and finance education as well as inclusive education. Both topics are important economically and socially and are recognised as crucial by the European Commission and many Member States

The entrepreneurial and finance education project, the ABC of Economics, has been implemented in the Polish schools for the last few years. The feedback from teachers, children and parents is very positive therefore therefore CFF is happy to share this good practice with partners from other Member States. Beside Polish, the programme is available in 5 foreign languages: in EN, DE, PT, ES and IT. CFF is currently looking for partners from other EU member states to share good practices, and run pilot projects in these countries fully financed by their Foundation. For that purpose, CFF offers to schools books, lessons scenarios, working cards for children as well as training for teachers.
ABC of Economics includes a book consisting of a 12 chapters devoted to different topics from everyday life such as history and the role of money, saving, whims and basic necessities, work, volunteering, household chores, advertising, loans, etc. Apart from the book, the project includes lesson plans for preschool teachers and a separate set for primary school teachers. Additionally, CFF prepared work cards for children and infographics, helpful in the classroom. The project is carried out in schools and kindergartens by teachers in the form of 12 lessons full of games, conversations, exercises and stories. In addition to books, scenarios and teaching aids, the Foundation trains teachers how to work with children in the field of economy and finance, supports them substantively during the project implementation and provides online recordings of demonstration lessons and, if necessary, versions of the book in the form of an e-book.

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