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COSME 2018 - Entrepreneurial capacity building for young migrants

Call Call for proposals


The overall objective of this call is to support the creation, the improvement and the wider distribution of support schemes for migrant entrepreneurs.

This call will identify potential entrepreneurs among migrants and raise awareness about entrepreneurship within migrant communities. Specifically, the focus is on:

  • Training courses (e.g. on entrepreneurship, business planning, the legal aspects of setting up a company and hiring employees, etc.)
  • Mentoring schemes for migrant entrepreneurs and would-be entrepreneurs

The aim of these activities is to help migrants to become self-employed and build a successful enterprise (profit-generating and/or with social objectives).


Projects to be supported under this call shall include the following categories of actions:

  • Work Package 1: Identification of potential migrant entrepreneurs
  • Work Package 2: Education and Training
  • Work Package 3: Mentoring schemes for migrant entrepreneurs
  • Work Package 4: Horizontal dimension: cross-border cooperation and best practice exchange