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Establishing and testing integrated interventions aimed at supporting people in (the most) vulnerable situations

Call Call for proposals

This call for proposals aims to support existing or new partnerships in testing innovative approaches supporting in particular the delivery of Principle 14 of the European Pillar of Social Rights.

This multi-stakeholder innovative approach integrates three strands: 1) the provision of adequate minimum income benefits; 2) activation services supporting the access to employment and 3) effective access to enabling goods and services.

Effective coordination between the local, regional and national authorities, as well as cooperation with all relevant stakeholders, such as social partners, non-governmental organisations and service providers is crucial.
This call supports policy innovations and experimentations implemented at a small scale and within conditions that enable their impact to be measured, prior to being replicated on a larger scale if the results prove convincing. This allows policymakers and service providers to gather robust evidence on the effects of a given policy innovation, and to determine what does and does not work. Producing objective empirical evidence on the impact/outcomes of a social policy innovation is important in view of taking decisions on whether or not to pursue or scale up these policies either through the ESF+ or from other sources.