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European Social Fund Pilot Joint Action Plan

Call Call for proposals

The objective of this pilot action is to strengthen national and regional capacity in Member States to prepare, design and implement Joint Actions Plans (JAPs) by sharing experience and disseminating information derived from the implementation of one or several pilot JAPs.

A pilot JAP is to be understood as an operation implemented between the Commission and partner bodies under the rules of direct management, based broadly on the rules for implementation of a JAP. Lessons learned from the pilot JAP would also facilitate an assessment of the potential and desirability of Joint Action Plans for the post 2020 period.

The Commission promotes the use of innovative financing tools like JAPs in order to shift the focus towards outputs and results. The pilot JAP will contribute to achieving the goals and objectives of the ESF (employment, education, training and the fight against social exclusion, poverty and discrimination). The supported area will depend on the proposal(s) selected.

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