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Selection of Members of the Expert Group on Social Economy and Social Enterprises

Call Call for applications

The Commission’s Directorate-General for Internal Market, Industry, Entrepreneurship and SMEs ("DG GROW") has set up a group of experts on social economy and social enterprises (“the group”).

Social enterprises are a key element of the social economy. Social enterprises create both economic and social value. Moreover, social enterprises are often strong drivers for innovation and respond to needs that are otherwise not met, or not met in an optimal manner by public authorities and/or market players.

The Commission has recognised the potential of social economy and social enterprises for innovation and positive impact in economy and society at large. A Commission's Communication announced further actions focusing on five pillars: access to finance, access to markets, better framework conditions, new technologies and social innovation, as well as the development of an international dimension.

In order to help the Commission's competent departments to implement these five pillars, a new expert group should be set up. The purpose of this new group will be to discuss and agree on developing and strengthening actions related to the implementation of these five pillars.

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