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Social Economy Missions

Call Call for proposals


In February 2018, the European Commission launched the European Social Economy Regions (ESER) pilot, in order to raise awareness and foster networking among social economy stakeholders at regional and local levels. This successful initiative has attracted more than 80 regions and cities to the 2018 and 2019 editions of ESER. 

The closing events held in Bilbao and Brussels for ESER 2018 reaffirmed the European Commission's mandate to continue its awareness-raising efforts and streamline its support in the field of social economy towards targeted inter-regional collaboration. In line with this mandate, the EC has just launched the Social Economy Missions Call for Proposals

The Call

The Social Economy Missions Call for Proposals follows up on the ESER 2018 pilot and reflects the collected ideas in a broader sense. The aim is to accelerate the development and acknowledgement of particular aspects of social economy at regional and local levels, and to enhance its inter-regional dimension. The call is expected to significantly raise the scope and level of strategic inter-regional collaboration in the field of social economy. It provides regions and cities with similar social economy objectives with a unique opportunity to share best practices and use existing synergies towards enhanced inter-regional collaboration.

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