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COVID-19 - Other resources

This section comprises webinars, events, and other related tools that were developed within the microfinance sector to combat the effects of the COVID-19 crisis on MFIs and their clients' businesses.

Date Title Organisation
July 2021 [WEBINAR] - 01/07 - Mobilising SME finance for a resilient, sustainable and inclusive recovery OECD
June 2021 [WEBINAR] - 29/06 - Using past crises to prepare for the post-Covid recovery Centre for Financial Inclusion
December 2020 Financial resilience and financial literacy: challenges and lessons beyond the COVID-19 crisis OECD
November 2020 Financial resilience and financial literacy during the COVID-19 crisis OECD
October 2020 EMN Annual Conference 2020 EMN
October 2020 Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Microfinance Clients in Europe MFC
September 2020 COVID-19 Action Platform World Economic Forum
August 2020 New COVID-19 support measures under the EaSI Programme EMN & MFC
May 2020 COVID-19 Client Interview Tool SPTF
April 2020 e-MFP Members' Response To COVID-19 e-MFP