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COVID-19 - Publications

Date Title Publisher
July 2021 The impact of the COVID-19 crisis on microfinance institutions - Analyses and perspectives GCA Foundation | ADA | Inpulse
June 2021 Weathering the Storm II: Tales of Survival from Microfinance Crises Past Centre for Financial Inclusion
March 2021 The will of MFIs to maintain their activities during COVID-19 GCA Foundation
February 2021 Crisis Roadmap for Microfinance Institutions: COVID-19 and beyond CGAP
February 2021 Resilience and willingness to recover in 2021: A joint assessment of 74 MFIs Inpulse
November 2020 COVID-19: A gradual recovery of MFIs in sync with their clients’ recovery GCA Foundation
October 2020 After the Storm: How Microfinance Can Adapt and Thrive CGAP
October 2020 Impact of COVID-19 Pandemic on the Microfinance Sector in Europe MFC
September 2020 COVID-19 Briefing: Debt Restructuring in Microfinance CGAP
July 2020 Microfinance Coalition, MIVs Team Up in Response to COVID-19 Centre for Financial Inclusion
July 2020 Survey about the impact of COVID-19 on Albanian microfinance institutions AMA
July 2020 Covid-19 Financial Inclusion Compass e-MFP
June 2020 Toolkit to implement the Guidance Note on Business Continuity for MFIs ADA
April 2020 New opportunities after the Covid-19: a joint assessment over 101 MFIs Inpulse