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COVID-19 - Publications

Date Title Publisher
February 2022 Covid-19: Crisis Evolution In Some Of Our Countries Of Intervention GCA Foundation
February 2022 Digital Technology At The Heart Of The Strategic Orientations Of Microfinance Institutions GCA Foundation
December 2021 The Sentinel Project Financial Access Initiative
July 2021 The impact of the COVID-19 crisis on microfinance institutions - Analyses and perspectives GCA Foundation | ADA | Inpulse
June 2021 Weathering the Storm II: Tales of Survival from Microfinance Crises Past Centre for Financial Inclusion
April 2021 Mitigating the Impact of Covid-19 on Gains in Financial Inclusion Alliance for Financial Inclusion
March 2021 The will of MFIs to maintain their activities during COVID-19 GCA Foundation
February 2021 Crisis Roadmap for Microfinance Institutions: COVID-19 and beyond CGAP
February 2021 Resilience and willingness to recover in 2021: A joint assessment of 74 MFIs Inpulse
November 2020 COVID-19: A gradual recovery of MFIs in sync with their clients’ recovery GCA Foundation
October 2020 After the Storm: How Microfinance Can Adapt and Thrive CGAP
October 2020 Impact of COVID-19 Pandemic on the Microfinance Sector in Europe MFC
September 2020 COVID-19 Briefing: Debt Restructuring in Microfinance CGAP
July 2020 Microfinance Coalition, MIVs Team Up in Response to COVID-19 Centre for Financial Inclusion
July 2020 Survey about the impact of COVID-19 on Albanian microfinance institutions AMA
July 2020 Covid-19 Financial Inclusion Compass e-MFP
June 2020 Toolkit to implement the Guidance Note on Business Continuity for MFIs ADA
April 2020 New opportunities after the Covid-19: a joint assessment over 101 MFIs Inpulse

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