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COVID19 - Other resources

As part of its effort to foster the resilience of the European microfinance sector, EMN is maintaining and updating a list of all relevant governmental measures, publications, good practices ans other resources, to guide and accompany practitioners in weathering the COVID-19 crisis and emerge stronger.

Date Resource Organisation  
13-15/10/20 EMN Annual Conference 2020 - Working together in the new normal EMN ext_link
07/10/20 Webinar on the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on microfinance institutions in Europe MFC ext_link
26/08/20 Webinar on the new COVID-19 support measures under the EaSI Programme EMN & MFC ext_link
April 2020 EaSI Technical Assistance webinar series: How to build a corporate immune system in response to COVID-19? EaSI Technical Assistance ext_link
May 2020 COVID-19 Client Interview Tool SPTF ext_link
March 2020 COVID Action Platform World Economic Forum ext_link

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