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20 Oct

2nd European Microfinance Day: Creating Opportunities beyond Microcredit

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Under the tagline Creating Opportunities beyond Microcredit, the second edition of the European Microfinance Day highlighted the importance of the comprehensive package of services that the microfinance sector offers to its clients. Specifically, the 2nd EMD focused on the importance of the provision of non-financial services – or accompanying activities - as a fundamental part of the support to the clients.

Non-financial services from the Microfinance sector. A fundamental tool to cope with the refugee crisis

A Brussels-based event took place on the 27th October 2016 to collect and report on the events that EMN and MFC members organised the previous week across the continent on the occasion of the EMD. The event also served to highlight some crucial topics for the development of the Microfinance sector in Europe, as the report on the findings from the EMN-MFC Overview Survey on the Microfinance sector in Europe, and the alternatives for financing the non-financial services offered by the MF sector.

The second part of the event addressed a particular case study that highlighted the importance of the non-financial services that are offered by the sector as a fundamental tool to cope with the refugee crisis.

Attendees in the event included individuals from the European Microfinance sector, EU representatives and people from other social development sectors in Europe.


  • A total of 61 participants attended the Brussels-based event on the 27th October
  • 27 EMN and MFC members from 12 European countries and 3 Non-European countries (Georgia, Kazakhstan, Mongolia) got involved in more than 30 local actions which included board games, conferences, business breakfast, PR campaign, launch of dedicated website, training session…

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