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27 Apr

Annual Convention for Inclusive Growth 2018 - #ACIG2018

Event Conference

Now in its third edition, the Annual Convention for Inclusive Growth (ACIG) is an action-oriented platform bringing together civil society organisations and policymakers to discuss how to achieve truly inclusive growth.

In 2018, the ACIG will take place on 27 April.

The EU is reflecting on its social dimension, on how to adapt our social models to current and future challenges and develop long-term solutions to fight poverty, increase employment and strengthen social cohesion and inclusion for all.

The European Pillar of Social Rights: on the road to implementation

This year, the one-day event will focus on the implementation of the Social Pillar. The Social Pillar established a series of principles and rights to improve people's lives, and all actors now have a joint responsibility to deliver. The plenary debate and the workshops will tackle specific issues and lead to conclusions and policy recommendations pointing to concrete ways forward.

For any questions about the Convention, including registration, please write to the organisers.

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