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20 May

Annual Convention for Inclusive Growth 2019

Event Meeting

The Annual Convention for Inclusive Growth is an action-oriented platform bringing together civil society organisations and policymakers to discuss how to achieve truly inclusive growth. Its fourth edition will take place in Brussels on 20 May 2019. 

The Convention has been a successful opportunity to come together and reflect on how to build a stronger Social Europe, by fighting poverty, increasing employment, and strengthening social cohesion and inclusion for all. The Convention was born out of our commitment to European and national policymakers with the expertise and work of civil society organisations  from across the EU. The ultimate aim remains to bring Europe closer to its citizens, and to ensure that EU actions deliver tangible results and real impact on the ground. 

This year, the Convention will focus on "Inclusive Growth post 2020: looking at the future of Social Europe". The day will be split between plenary talks, workshops and interactive sessions to exchange ideas and best practices on how to conceive together Social Europe in the years ahead.  

The discussions will focus on concrete solutions and tools. In view of the social and economic challenges ahead, how can the EU reinvigorate the promise of a Social Europe? What should be the social policy priorities of the next Commission? How can we ensure that the next generation of financial instruments can foster inclusive growth? These are just some of the topics that will be discussed. For more details, please consult the  draft programme.


Civil society organisations can participate with a maximum of four (4) representatives. For registration, please contact the following e-mail address: by 29 April 2019. Each participant will then receive a personalised registration link.

No travelling expenses coverage is foreseen. The Commission reserves the right to finance travel and accommodation costs for a limited number of participants, under certain circumstances and subject to prior authorisation. When needed, the request for financial support with a short justification should be submitted in the aforementioned Excel file.

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