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27 Mar

EaSI Technical Assistance Microfinance workshop on the microfinance legal framework in Romania


The Romanian microfinance legal framework enabled the establishment and registration of about 2800 financial institutions in the Romanian Central Credit Register (CCR). More than 90% of these registered financial institutions are credit unions, which are often small and have limited resources.

This workshop focuses on the example of Romania in view of developing sustainable legal framework that takes into account the needs of smaller institutions.

The event organisers will welcome participants from credit unions and other microfinance institutions, the Central Bank in Romania, as well as local authorities.

The workshop will be held in English and is open to both selected beneficiaries of the EaSI Technical Assistance programme, as well as other interested microfinance institutions.

The purpose of the workshop is to bring together all participants from the microfinance sector in Romania and to facilitate a dialogue between them in order to reach common ground on the development of secondary legislation in line with the European Code of Good Conduct for Microcredit Provision.

Representatives from credit unions and authorities in Romania interested in the workshop can register to attend this free-of-charge event by sending an email to - Please check the exact timing of the workshop as you register.