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10 Dec

EaSI Technical Assistance Webinar - Risk Management in a Digital Era

Event Webinar

Digital finance is quickly changing the nature of financial service provision – with promising opportunities to reach more customers and offering a more complete suite of relevant products. However, providers face multiple obstacles leveraging this opportunity, such as platforms not being always accessible, customers being difficult to serve on digital-only channels, and ad-hoc partnerships adding hurdles many providers find difficult to surmount.

In this context, and in the wake of other similar initiatives such as the Digital Literacy Bootcamp from our partners at the Microfinance Centre, two webinars that aim at gearing participants to tackle issues such as digital financial solutions, operational efficiency, risk management, etc.

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1. Emerging and evolving risks in Digital Finance

  • What Do We mean by Digital?
  • Challenges to Digital Risk
  • Emerging and Evolving Types of Digital Risks

2. A Digital Pathway to Financial Inclusion

  • Role of Risk Executives
  • Role of Risk Management Function
  • Changing Roles of CEO and Business Heads in Risk Management
  • Changing Roles of Regulators

3. DFS Products and Services

  • Data Management
  • Process and Workflow Automation
  • Advanced Analytics
  • A Cohesive, Timely and Flexible Infrastructure
  • Smart Visualisation & Interfaces
  • External Ecosystem
  • Talent and Culture

4. Managing culture in organisations on digital risks

  • Cultural changes and how to effectively manage them while undergoing Digital Revolution


Adriana Olmedo, Network & Training Officer, European Microfinance Network (EMN)


Ommara Raza Ali, Director Asia, The Microfinance Association

Ommara Raza Ali is a development economist. She studied at Harvard Business School and has over eighteen years of diversified experience in both microfinance and commercial banking. She has expertise in microfinance, consumer banking, SME lending, corporate lending, and has a vast research experience during which she has led more than 67 diversified research projects including on savings products and services for microfinance clients, SME lending products, rural microfinance, etc. She has also developed a credit scoring model for a leading microfinance institution.

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