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9 Apr

Easi Technical Assistance Workshop: Refugee/Migrant Finance and Support – Where Do We Stand?


On behalf of the European Commission, managing the EU Programme for Employment and Social Innovation (EaSI), the Frankfurt School of Finance & Management is pleased to invite you to the upcoming EaSI Technical Assistance for Microfinance workshop titled: “Refugee/Migrant Finance and Support – Where Do We Stand?

This workshop takes place within the scope of the EU’s EaSI Technical Assistance Programme in the field of microfinance, implemented by a Consortium led by Frankfurt School of Finance & Management. The programme aims to enhance access to finance for vulnerable groups and to create a sustainable microfinance ecosystem in the region.

The event will bring together international and local microfinance and refugee experts, industry and government representatives, as well as other stakeholders for three panel discussions.

In the first half of the day, we will discuss the role of international financial institutions in the integration of refugees, as well as the current state of financial support available to them. The afternoon panel will evaluate the state of non-financial support to refugees. For more information about the sessions and the speakers, please see the full agenda.

The workshop will be held in English with simultaneous translation in Turkish and it is open to both selected beneficiaries of the EaSI Technical Assistance programme, as well as to other interested microfinance institutions and NGOs from Turkey and all of Europe. 

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