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1 Sep

Migrant Entrepreneurship Academy

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MAGNET (Migrant Acceleration for Growth – Network for Entrepreneurship Training) brings together European organisations active in the field of migrant entrepreneurship support, as well as interested public and private actors. 

The MAGNET Network promotes the creation, further development and broad dissemination of existing support schemes for migrant entrepreneurs on a practical, political as well as the scientific level.

Join the Migrant Entrepreneurship Academy (MEA)

... The 'train the trainer' programme (September 2019 to June 2020) to help you become a certified professional for Migrant Entrepreneurship support.

MAGNET is committed to disseminating the knowledge on Migrant Entrepreneurship Support that already exists across Europe.

There is much expertise in this field: From scientific studies to best practice methods that have been tried and tested. The Migrant Entrepreneurship Academy (MEA) will bring academics and practitioners together in a coherent programme.

Thus, MEA fosters the exchange of information, knowledge, experience and instruments of migrant entrepreneurship support between different support organisations. Participants will have the opportunity to learn from each other and get mutual guidance and advice. MEA bridges the gap between entrepreneurship education and practical support programmes and promotes the transfer of innovative solutions across Europe.

This peer-learning programme is based upon collaboration of higher education institutions and migrant support organisations. The collaboration of higher education institutions, support organisations and other relevant stakeholders from the policy field enhances the capacity of all partners and organisations involved in promoting migrant entrepreneurship. The collaboration of support organisations and higher education bodies leads to a better skills match and transfer of knowledge from science to practice and vice versa.

Target audience

MEA is a train-the-trainer-programme aiming to bridge the gap between entrepreneurship education and practical support programmes. MEA will provide (future) trainers and consultants with a clear and common understanding of migrant entrepreneurship support, business model development, assessment of migrants’ entrepreneurial skills and migrant friendly support schemes.

The target group of MEA are (future & current) trainers, programme managers and consultants in the field of migrant entrepreneurship support.

Further information

To get more details about the programme, please visit the official website. Further questions? Get in touch with course coordinator Isabella Skrivanek:

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