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10 Mar

Migrant Entrepreneurship | EaSI Technical Assistance webinar

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In its 6th Edition of the Missing Entrepreneurs report, the OECD points out that in 2020, about 12% of working immigrants in the European Union are self-employed, which is slightly below the proportion of non-immigrants entrepreneurs (14%). The report adds that between 2006 and 2020,  the share of immigrants among the self-employed in the European Union has more than doubled ( 213% for immigrants born in EU Member States and 198% for immigrants born non-EU Member States).

During this online session, we will explore the many ways in which microfinance actors are supporting the objective of financial and economic inclusion for entrepreneurs with migrants background and we will discuss how EU institutions and Member States could bolster migrant entrepreneurship.

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  • Learn about Adie and microStart's initiatives to include migrant entrepreneurs: what has worked and what can be improved.
  • Learn about the OECD tool for social and inclusive entrepreneurship.


  • Lucie Cordier, Microcredit Advisor, Adie: Since 2015 Lucie has been working as senior loan officer at Adie in Valence. Through the MFI's internal AGIR group, she is part of a pool of referents to develop best practices on inclusive entrepreneurship for migrants. The migrants and refugees she encounters, have often overcame a lot of challenges, and they have already developed entrepreneurial skills like resourcefulness and determination. In Lucie's opinion, microcredit and its accompanying framework really helps and allows the economic integration of this group.
  • Olivia Van den Bogaert, Partnerships, fundraising and advocacy manager, microStart: Olivia started her career as a enabler for entrepreneurship when she joined a support project for young entrepreneurs in an NGO in Côte d'Ivoire. This project convinced her that entrepreneurship is a powerful tool for reducing poverty and for both economic and social development. Working at microStart was therefore the logical continuation in her professional career. 
  • Guillem Arís, Director of Autoocupació and Ambassador of the OECD Centre for Entrepreneurship, SMEs, Regions & Cities: Guillem is a Social entrepreneur expert in developing and scaling inclusive entrepreneurship financial and non-financial programs to support the underserved to start and grow their businesses. He is Founder of several inclusive entrepreneurship social ventures, amongst which Autoocupació, and he is also actively involved in different entrepreneurship international networks, such as Youth Business International.
  • Marie Vial, Advocacy Officer, EMN


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