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29 Oct

Webinar on the EMN Overview Survey Report on a crossroads

Event Webinar

EMN’s first webinar came along with the publication of the EMN Microcredit Overview Survey Report on 2012-13. Rather than only presenting you the main conclusions, the goal of the webinar was to stimulate a discussion on the path forward of the publication. We opened the discussion by asking for your constructive feedback on the present report and collect ideas from you (“crowdsourcing”) on:

  • How can we further improve the Overview Survey Report to make it more representative of the situation of the sector?
  • Do you think that a more specific definition of microcredit would be needed to improve representativeness? If yes, which suggestions do you have about this definition?
  • What are your suggestions to make this report a valuable source of information on the European Microfinance Sector?

The webinar was presented by:

  • Mrs. Caroline LENTZ, Operations Manager at EMN (Moderator);
  • Mr. Michael UNTERBERG & Mr. Benjamin SARPONG consultants at Evers & Jung, Germany, and co-authors of the two last editions of the EMN Overview Survey Report (Presenter).


  • To read the presentation shared by the presenters during the webinar, click below the video
  • Below the videocan find the minutes of the session.
  • And if you prefer to watch and listen to the webinar recording :

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One of the many functions of the European Microfinance Network (EMN) is to organise debates and webinars addressing a wide range of subjects pertinent to microfinance in Europe. These activities are a chance to foster an exchange of ideas among different partners, and contribute to spreading knowledge of microfinance throughout Europe.
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