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24 Nov

Webinar on Good Practice on Social Performance Management from Mi-Bospo

Event Webinar

As per EMN Study “European microfinance and social performance: where do we stand?” (2014): The European microfinance sector is still young and consolidating; social performance is considered as an increasing concern. Generally, microfinance providers express interest in learning more on Social Performance related topics to improve their practices.

The results of the same study confirm that while a high level of knowledge of sector frameworks and standards linked to social performance are observed, implementation appears yet to be lagging. With this context and based upon the recommendation expressed in the same study, the case of one “champion of SPM” will be shared with the European sector to promote good practices.


One main output of the above-mentioned EMN Study is the gathering of the 35 participating MFIs around four clusters: Incipient, Aspirants, Implementers and Champions . While only one champion has been identified, the distribution of the three other profiles is quite balanced: 2/3 of microfinance providers are quite advanced, 1/3 of respondents are starting to build capacities around social performance. With the aim to facilitate capacity building and allow learning from peers, EMN invited Mi-Bospo from Bosnia Herzegovina, the identified Champion in the Study, to share its experience in an interactive way.

In this webinar, Mi-Bospo presented some insights into their way of managing social performance up until receiving the Smart Campaign Certification. We were particularly interested in understanding how the SPM evolved from its beginning (Dec 2000) and linking the evolution with its growth as most European MFIs are yet quite young and small.


Here you will find the two presentations shared with attendees during the session:

  • EMN webinar on Good Practice by MI-BOSPO (EMN presentation) download below the video

  • EMN webinar on Social Performance: where do we stand? (MI-BOSPO presentation) download below the video 

  • Did you miss the session? Watch the video below


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