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Financial Health of Micro-Entrepreneurs

Assessing and improving the financial health of micro-entrepreneurs

Assessing and improving the financial health of micro-entrepreneurs

Tools and methods for responsible financial and non-financial services providers

EMN and ADA are carrying out a joint research project in the field of the financial health of micro-entrepreneurs. The project is supported by JPMorgan Chase Foundation and its purpose is to identify and share good practices on the assessment of financial health and specific support provided to micro-entrepreneurs at risk or facing financial issues e.g. cash flow management, confusion between personal and professional finances, access to finance, late payments, etc.

The project is structured as a cross-country research activity covering eight countries across three different continents (Europe, LATAM and Africa) and will involve a mix of financial and non-financial service providers. The project will provide them with a practical toolkit for improving their practices in assessing the financial health of micro-entrepreneurs and supporting those in financial crisis.

The methodology for the development of the toolkit is a mix of a desk review of existing methodologies, interviews with key informants, and field visits conducted in eight countries: France, Italy, Spain, UK, Peru, Brazil, Mexico and South Africa. The field visits and desk review will also allow for the drafting of case studies showcasing selected examples of successful financial health assessments and effective support provided to businesses in crisis.

Project partners: PerMicro, Fondazione Welfare Ambrosiano (Italy); Adie, Positive Planet (France); Fundación Oportunitas, Incyde (Spain); Outset Finance, NWES (UK); CREDISOL, Aliança Empreendedora (Brasil); Pro Mujer, Pro Empleo (Mexico); Norandino, ADEC ATC (Peru); SEF, SAICA (South Africa).


July 2018 – December 2019, followed by a 1-year impact evaluation.


Nicola Benaglio

EMN Senior Research Officer

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