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Microfinance Mobile Exhibition

For the 2019 edition of the European Microfinance Day campaign, EMN prepared a series of panels forming a mobile exhibition presenting the fundamentals of European microfinance: What is it? Who is it for? What is the role of the EU institutions? The exhibition was first presented during the Brussels event of the 2019 EMD, and is now ready to be shipped anywhere to help raise awareness about microfinance and its contribution to a more inclusive society!

Download as PDF   Pictures of the exhibition

microfinance mobile exhibition panel 1

1. What is microcredit?

microfinance exhibition panels 2-3-4

This first set of panels presents a basic definition of microfinance, focusing on its core promises such as empowerment, financial inclusion, etc. together with two inspiring stories of microfinance clients in Greece and Belgium. The main panel features two side boxes; the first one briefly telling the origins of microcredit and the second warning visitors about what microfinance is not to be confused with, namely payday lending or handouts.

2. Who is microcredit for?

microfinance mobile exhibition panels 5-6-7

This main panel in the second set focuses on some of the typical client profiles for microfinance and the difficulties they traditionally face when applying for a loan through the conventional banking system. Each of these commonly identified difficulties is symbolised in an obstacle race separating a would-be entrepreneur from business success, accompanied with a short description. The second panel in the set features more client stories from the EMN and MFC membership, while the third one gives more details about the business advice aspect of microfinance.

3. The impact of microcredit and the role of the EU

microfinance mobile exhibition panels 8-9-10

This last part begins with a panel presenting the virtuous circle created when the community invests in microfinance, which ultimately leads to a considerable return on investment for the public budget. On that same panel, the current policy framework for microfinance is detailed, touching upon the EU Pillar of Social Rights and the various Sustainable Development Goals served by microfinance. The main panel then presents the action of the EU in a schematised way, with a side box dedicated to the European Code of Good Conduct for Microcredit Provision. The last panel presents a series of proposals addressed to European policymakers for a more transparent and developed microfinance sector.

Are you interested in displaying the mobile exhibition in your country? Don't hesitate to get in touch with our Advocacy Manager, Oscar Verlinden ( or our Communications Officer, Vianney Stoll ( for more information.