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A committed year for EMN: our highlights in 2017

Financial inclusion

Our network is growing! And it’s not only good news for the microfinance sector, but also for individuals and businesses throughout Europe. In particular for the financially underserved people who can find a way out of social and economic exclusion by setting up businesses or other activities with the aid of microfinance services.

Throughout 2017, EMN worked hard to better represent the interests of our members and the microfinance industry in Europe as a whole, and succeeded in delivering some impactful activities during 2017:

  • EMN held its 14th Annual Conference in Venice on 22nd and 23rd June, on the topic: “Financial Education to Empower Citizens: All Aboard!”. 311 participants from 28 countries attended the conference and took part in the 2 plenary sessions and 12 committees that were organised over 2 days.
  • 27 new members joined! At the end of 2017, the network totalled 108 members from 27 countries; an increase of more than 25% of our membership base compared to 2016, enhancing the representativeness of the organisation.
  • During the EMN General Assembly held on 21st June in Venice, the members approved and launched the 2017-20 EMN Action Plan.
  • 27 EMN members were involved in 3 Think Tanks, 2 Idea Labs and 3 Committees that were active throughout the year, attending a total of 21 meetings.
  • EMN continued its collaboration with the European Commission (DG Employment, Social Affairs & Inclusion) through the 2014-17 Framework Partnership Agreement.
  • 3rd European Microfinance Day: based on the slogan “Fair Finance for All”. 26 local actions were carried out by 28 EMN & MFC Members in 15 European countries.
  • EMN and MFC collaborated on the publication “Microfinance and Start-ups in Europe: Review of the Current Practice in Europe”. It included 11 mapping reports at country level in Europe.
  • The year saw a continuous growth of EMN Advocacy activities at EU level. 19 meetings were conducted with the EU institutions, complemented by 12 feedback notes on topics such as the implementation of EU programmes for the sector and an EMN/MFC proposal for a revised EU definition of microfinance/microcredit.
  • In the framework of the EaSI TA programme and in close collaboration with its members, EMN organised 8 workshops and 3 thematic seminars with the purpose of disseminating Good Practices and increasing knowledge-transfer opportunities amongst sector stakeholders.

Read more about these achievements in the EMN Annual Report 2017.

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