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EMN launches its 2021 Strategic Consultation


*** UPDATE 31/07/21 ***
The 2021 EMN Strategic Consultation is now over! Results will be compiled and analysed, together with the outcome of our interviews with external stakeholders, and a presentation of the updated strategy will take place during our 2021 Annual Conference in Brussels on 14-15 October.

*** UPDATE 01/07/21 ***
The third and final phase of the strategic consultation was launched. All members are now have the possibility to contribute to the consultation via this 5-minute online questionnaire to provide their input on specific points of the five strategic axes.

*** UPDATE 02/06/21 ***
The second phase of the strategic consultation has been announced. From 15th until 30th June, all members are strongly encouraged to participate in the five online sessions held on each strategic axis: long-term vision, resources, products & services, membership, and partnerships. Invitations and additional details have been provided by email to all EMN members.

*** UPDATE 19/05/21 ***
The first phase of the strategic consultation was launched today. All EMN members are invited to submit their free contributions to any of the five strategic axes by 9 June 2021, using this form.


Brussels, 11th May – EMN announced today a large-scale consultation to revise its strategic orientation. Built around three main phases, this crucial step in the life of the network will involve every EMN member, whose contributions will help shape the future of the organisation and the European microfinance sector.

The latest EMN-MFC Survey Report has demonstrated the maturity of the European microfinance market. At the same time, the specifics of a 7-year budget for the European Commission are being discussed, while the crisis caused by Covid-19 rages on. All of this is taking place as the demand for eco-responsibility is at its highest, and as Europe sees the development of a wider social finance ecosystem. In this context, the European Microfinance Network truly finds itself at a pivotal moment. To anticipate and fully gear up for the future, EMN has initiated this three-month consultation which follows five strategic axes: partnerships, resources, products & services, membership, and a long-term vision for the network.

The consultation process

The three phases of this consultation have been designed to guarantee that every voice from the membership is heard, regardless of the size of the organisation or its capacity or preference for engagement.

timeline consultation

Starting on 19th May and for three weeks, the first phase will allow EMN members to freely provide their input on the five strategic axes, in a largely open and spontaneous manner.

Phase two, in the second half of June, will be the occasion for members to actively exchange on the strategic axes through five thematic webinars, moderated by members of the staff and Board of Directors and based on topical Draft Notes which will be shared beforehand.

Lastly, a series of short online questionnaires will be made available to gather final input, especially from those who were unable to participate in the previous stages.

Following the member’s consultation, a series of one-to-one in-depth interviews will also take place with a selection of external key stakeholders, to collect their input in this crucial process.

The final results will be presented to the General Assembly during EMN’s 2021 Annual Conference on 14-15 October.

For any questions related to the Strategic Consultation, please contact Vianney Stoll (

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