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EMN is looking for its new Deputy General Manager


The European Microfinance Network is a network of organisations actively engaged in financial inclusion in Europe, the European Union, and EU candidate countries. The EMN provides and coordinates several activities aimed at strengthening the capacity of its members with the ultimate purpose of reducing unemployment and supporting financial and social inclusion in Europe.  The EMN 's Deputy General Manager (DGM) is based in Brussels and is part of the EMN Secretariat. He/she reports directly to the General Manager and is responsible for the internal delivery of activities by ensuring smooth and proper processes. The DGM will work very closely with the GM and the board’s treasurer. The DGM is in charge of the coordination, supervision and monitoring of all the organisation’s activities related to finance and administration, human resources, information technology, and legal support. The role is resolutely internal and is critical in building the capacity of the organisation and moving the organisation forward on a path of growth and expansion. The position has direct staff responsibility over the finance and administrative officer as well as matrix structure with the project officer and attends the board meetings. 


In the area of grant management:

  • Be the focal point on EC grant with the Commission
  • In coordination with GM, oversee approach and writing of yearly applications, as well as budget applications
  • Supervise narrative and financial reporting.

In the area of financial management: 

  • Supervise and train the Finance and administrative officer (FAO)
  • Supervise the analysis by FAO of financial reports by project and for the entire organisation and submit/review with GM
  • Review procedures and processes necessary for the functioning of the office (approval of expenses and invoices, delay for payments, internal coordination of payment flows, storage of contracts, the signature of contracts…)
  • Supervise and harmonise financial budgeting and reporting by projects in collaboration with the project managers and the FAO (ensure the smooth and timely transfer of information)
  • Support FAO in audit 
  • Ensure budget follow-up on a quarterly basis: with FAO, analyse gaps between planned budgets and actual expenses, and balance; 
  • Ensure match with the finance plan and anticipate financial risks; report discrepancies to GM and discuss the course of action;
  • Prepare budget amendments to donors, if required;
  • Establish budget proposals in coordination with the GM, the Secretariat team and the board Treasurer;
  • Guarantee the respect of donor procedures for financial contracts
  • Review and analyse budgetary questions (budget lines, balance, extension…);
  • Monitor use of financial resources
  • Provide financial analysis as needed by GM, including but not limited to calculation of overhead rate and break-even point for any new project
  • Define the amount of funding required for 2024 and beyond
  • In coordination with FAO, review levels of authorisation and financial processes and supervise changes and improvements. 

In the legal and human resources area

  • Identify and work with external legal counsel on contract issues with funders and with service providers (tenancy agreement, insurance contracts, etc.) and review contracts/ensure compliance checks)
  • Define/review methods for payment according to the Belgian law and compliance with other framework contracts (e.g., EC Grant Agreement, SIFTA Technical Assistance, etc.). 
  • Coordinate with the social secretariat on any labour-related question 
  • Review and adapt bylaws and other founding documents in collaboration with external firms, as required, and with support from GM and the board of directors. 
  • Guarantee the respect of administrative and legal framework in Belgium
  • Be the contact point with all Human Resources related regulations (social secretariat, insurance, IDEWE, etc.);
  • Review salary scale and bonus systems, as well as performance management

In the information technology area:

  • Ensure proper infrastructure internally
  • Support communications officer with CRM
  • Be the focal point with external service providers
  • Be engaged in any upgrade or update, including ensuring security checks and use of innovative remote working tools
  • Supervise changes in technological working tools

Essential skills :

  • Experience in financial analysis and management, especially in the context of multi-year grants
  • Fluent in French and English
  • Excellent command of Windows office (Excel, Word, PowerPoint)
  • Previous experience in accounting 
  • Previous experience managing people, even a very small staff
  • Strong knowledge of finance 
  • At least 12 years experience, 15 years minimum preferred
  •  Knowledge of information technology and applications and strong interest in the area of ICT

Human skills:

  • Proactive, curious, positive
  • Organized, patient, detail-oriented
  • Ability to translate technical information to conceptual issues and vice versa. 

We offer:

  • An attractive salary for the non-profit sector with a range of 4,000 to 5,500 monthly gross, based on the candidate’s experience;
  • five weeks of holidays; 
  • Reimbursement of monthly « STIB abonnement » (public transport pass); 
  • Lunch passes; 
  • Hospital insurance ;
  • Inclusion in any organisation’s bonus plan (based on team performance);
  • Working location in the heart of Brussels with flexible, hybrid work (2 to 3 days in the office, 2 to 3 days working from home)
  • Two times a year, the possibility to work from another remote location for two weeks before or after a vacation
  • A training and development plan focused on visits to partner organisations and their clients.

Please send your application (CV+ motivation letter) in French or English by October 7, COB to:
Interviews will start on October 17
Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.