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M-UP invites you to join the Evaluation Lab reviewing the support to migrant entrepreneurs


Participate in the M-UP Network to support migrant entrepreneurs to scale up and grow!

The Network for Migrant Entrepreneurs to Scale Up and Grow (M-UP) promotes and seeks new opportunities for the creation and growth of migrant enterprises, through the participation of public and private actors from across Europe in a peer-learning & peer-exchange joint collaboration. M-UP engages its stakeholders through a range of workshops, virtual laboratories, meetings, round-tables and national activities.

M-UP kindly invites practitioners supporting migrant entrepreneurship through local or transnational actions to join its Evaluation Lab

What is the Evaluation Lab?

The Evaluation Lab is a virtual space to review and evaluate the schemes and tools that are available to support migrant entrepreneurs. You will be teamed up with a coach and a peer learner who also works within the migrant entrepreneurship space, providing the opportunity to connect with and learn and share with others from other European countries. 

For whom? The Lab is addressed to practitioners and organisations supporting entrepreneurship with local or transnational actions. More specifically, practitioners working with or for migrant entrepreneurs who would like to learn and to ultimately improve their own schemes and methodologies through the exchange of different perspectives and possible solutions. 

The goal is to exchange practices supporting and facilitating to migrant entrepreneurs the access to market, in order to analyse the schemes and find successful tools.

Please see the full agenda

Timing and requirements

The Evaluation Lab will take place on 4th October 2018.

During this time you will take part in one weekly online meeting (so 4 meetings in total over 4 weeks) via Skype. Your coach will be in touch to arrange the meetings and will use Doodle Poll to help with this.

Register by 25th September by filling out this registration form.

Please send an email to in case of questions. At the end of the registration process, participants will be contacted by their coach in order to set the Skype call.