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NOA becomes an EMN member

logo NOA

EMN is delighted to announce that the Albanian financial institution NOA has joined the membership! After some fruitful collaborations in the past, including the recent publication of our Policy Note on human capital flight, EMN and NOA have now materialised their partnership.

Founded in 1998 as the "Albanian Partner in Microcredit", NOA is the direct result of a donor-supported non-profit microfinance project aiding the most vulnerable areas and populations of Albania, particularly rural ones, with the objective to boost the transition towards a free and competitive market economy following the end of the communist regime.

Certified with the European Commission's Code of Good Conduct for Microcredit Provision, NOA is licenced by the Central Bank of Albania as a Non-Bank Financial institution whose activity is limited to lending to self-employed individuals, small entrepreneurs and businesses, farmers and families requiring small financing. NOA also offers business advisory services and partnerships to eligible clients.



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