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Singlify signs partnership agreement with Qredits

Singlify signs partnership agreement with Qredits

Vienna, 7th June 2019 - Singlify, a UK based social enterprise, has signed a partnership agreement with Qredits, a leading microfinance organisation operating in the Netherlands and EMN members since its creation.

Singlify is a Salesforce partner operating an end-to-end Investment Management System specifically tailored for the microfinance and social investment sector.

Qredits International is a subsidiary organisation of Qredits through which it shares knowledge and experience with international partners.

Through this partnership agreement Singlify and Qredits commit to share and support each other with the aim to create synergies and contribute to each other’s success.

Singlify’s application enables social investors, microfinance lenders and CDFIs to manage their investments from initial expressions of interests, applications, assessment, contracts, loan management and impact reporting.

Singlify has received investment from the Connect Fund and is a member of the Salesforce EMEA Finserve Accelerate program and the NatWest Fintech Accelerator program.

Maarten Rooney, Singlify CEO said: “We believe the Singlify and Qredits partnership will be a game-changer for microfinance lenders in Europe. It will enable them to tap into the combined knowledge of the two organisations to develop their staff, systems and processes and have access to technology developed specifically for their needs. We can also draw from the wealth of experience from Qredits in running a large loan portfolio to improve our Investment Management System.”

Elwin Groenevelt, Qredits CEO said: “As one of Europes leading microfinance lenders, we are often asked for support from others in developing their staff teams, processes and systems which we provide via our subsidiary Qredits International. We have identified Singlify as the best technology partner to jointly help our sector have access to state-of-the-art cloud technology to manage their loan portfolios.”

Singlify’s Investment Management System is generally available for sale to organisations such as Social Investment Finance Intermediaries (SIFIs), Community Development Finance Intermediaries (CDFIs), microfinance lenders and grant-making trusts and foundations.

Singlify signs partnership agreement with Qredits
Maarten Rooney, Singlify CEO and Elwin Groenevelt, Qredits CEO