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Adie’s Microcredit, a Tool for Overcoming the Employment Challenge - Summary of the 2017 Survey on the Impact of Adie’s Work

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For over 25 years Adie has funded and supported entrepreneurs who do not have access to bank credit. In doing so, Adie contributes to the fight for employment and social inclusion.

From the very beginning Adie has implemented regular and thorough evaluations. The last impact survey, which for the first time includes the French overseas territories as well as mainland France, shows how efficient assisted microcredit is.

Despite the fact that 41% of Adie’s entrepreneurs received minimum welfare benefits when they launched their business and 27% did not have any qualifications, 76% businesses are still running after two years. Even better, 84% entrepreneurs are in work two years after Adie’s funding.

Unemployment and exclusion are catalysts which encourage Adie to provide more entrepreneurs with the opportunity to launch more business projects.

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