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Banca Etica - Impact Report 2020

Publication Impact studies

2019 marked Banca Etica’s twentieth year of activity. It was a year filled with new initiatives and good results, which the organisation was able to describe in detail in terms of social and environmental impact for the first time. This report provides all stakeholders with their definition of the “impact” concept and, above all, the data collected with the most recent version of their recording, measurement and reporting procedure: the “Socio-Environmental Impact Assessment” (SEA).

The bank carefully collects information on the corporate social responsibility profile of its clients, partners and investee organisations, allowing them to report on the bank's social-environmental impact with regard to all its lending and investment activities: loans to companies and organisations, loans to people and financial assets. The real highlight of this report is undoubtedly the impact generated by the organisations and companies that they finance. Data collection in this regard is managed by their “Credit Platform”, an internet-based tool that allows them to liaise with all those who play a part in our lending activities: bank operators, voluntary partners and clients.

This year, numerous technical and procedural changes will come into effect, which are the result of a lengthy task to gather feedback (suggestions and criticism!) from the various stakeholders involved. Starting from 2020, our Social-Environmental Assessment will also cover the Spain Area. This report answers the question asked by so many savers: “Can I really use my money to support people and organisations whose work focuses on helping communities and the planet?”.

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