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EMN Legislative Mapping Report - Serbia

Publication Regulatory reports

This series of national fact sheets provides a snapshot of the various legislative frameworks concerning the provision of microcredit in Europe by non-bank financial intermediaries.

The reports cover the following thematic areas:

  1. Regulation of lending activity
  2. Supervisory framework for non-bank lending
  3. Products
  4. Incentives and support
  5. Development of the existing framework for non-bank microcredit provision
  6. Inclusive entrepreneurship and microenterprise development

Reports are compiled from information that was provided by EMN members operating in the different countries. The reports that are available are open and participatory documents. They will be periodically updated based on information received from members regarding the latest developments in the respective national regulatory frameworks. The aim is to provide a synoptic but up-to-date overview of the diverse regulatory environments in which non-bank financial intermediaries are operating in Europe.

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