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Inside Community Finance-The CDFI industry in the UK 2014

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2014 proved to be an exciting year for the CDFI industry in the UK. The for-profit and social enterprise markets have seen significant growth, both in terms of number of customers served and in the total value of loans disbursed. This upward trajectory of CDFI lending clearly illustrates the sector’s capacity to serve the unmet demand for credit.

With the right support, CDFIs have proven they can flourish and unlock the potential of local economies across the UK. in 2014 CDFIs contributed hundreds of millions of pounds to the UK GDP that otherwise would not have been generated, bringing wealth, social wellbeing, and prosperity to underserved areas.

Although the vast majority of CDFIs anticipate significant further growth over the coming years, there are still barriers to scaling up the CDFI industry; a shortage of capital prevents many from increasing the level of lending and support they can conduct, which restricts growth and subsequently their ability to bring wealth and prosperity to households and communities. There is still so much more that can be done to support the continued growth of the CDFI sector.

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