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MicroBank - Annual Report 2019

Publication Impact studies

This year, the institution granted 79,789 microcredits to families to cover one-off needs and 16,812 loans to entrepreneurs to set up or consolidate a business. It has also provided funding to more than 2,700 projects with social impact, targeting social economy, entrepreneurship, innovation, education and healthcare initiatives. MicroBank’s activity in the past financial year has contributed to the generation of 20,174 jobs and the creation of 9,002 new businesses.

Since the early months of this year, our society has been hit by an unprecedented health crisis, which in turn has led to an economic and social emergency, with serious implications for household incomes, the jobs of thousands of workers and the business of both large and small companies. The CaixaBank Group, and MicroBank in particular, have swiftly responded to this new challenge and have adopted a series of measures that provide the solutions our customers need from us, so that they all feel supported and listened to in these difficult times. We have done so in the knowledge that society as a whole will overcome this new challenge and emerge from it stronger than before.

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