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Microcredit for Immigrants

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One of the most important non-profit organisations operating in the field of immigration in the region of Trento Italy, ATAS Associazione Trentina Accoglienza Stranieri Onlus carries out microfinance activities as part of its wider support to foreign immigrants living in the Province. This paper looks at the experimental microcredit project started by ATAS in March 2007, in collaboration with the Cassa Rurale di Aldeno e Cadine, the Foundation of Cassa di Risparmio di Trento e Roverto, and the Municipality of Trento (Comune di Trento). In the project, loans are disbursed by a cooperative bank (Rural Bank of Aldeno and Cadine) and secured by a guarantee fund. Clients are also supported with training and tutoring by ATAS.

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