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Microfinance in Europe: Survey Report 2016-2017 - Peer Group Analysis

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This document compares the performance of a selection of MFIs operating in Europe that are aggregated into peer groups in terms of age, scale of the operations, number and type of clients reached, legal type adopted and geographical scope. In the pages that follow the outreach indicators and key institutional characteristics of these peer groups are presented and compared.

The data used to prepare this analysis refers to fiscal year 2017 and is self-reported by the MFIs that participated to the latest EMN-MFC Survey Report. In terms of methodology, the averages for the different peer groups are calculated based on a subset of MFIs (111) that responded to the survey and provided data for all the indicators presented in the tables below. This allows for a more rigorous comparison of the performances and explains why some of the averages presented in this document might differ from the results of the latest EMN-MFC Survey Report. The comments below the tables and the glossary section provide background information on the approach used to undertake the analysis and provide a better understanding of the meaning of the data presented in this document.

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