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microStart Social Return on Investment (SROI) analysis

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microStart offers microcredit and guidance to entrepreneurs who are unable to receive financing from the traditional banking system. In addition, microStart seeks to break the barriers to economic initiative.

The vision and the mission of microStart are respectively:

  • Each human being regardless of its educational background, income, economic position or geographical origin has a right to economic initiative and a right to choose its destiny in our society
  • microStart helps people with more ideas than money microStart has financed 2.770 entrepreneurs since its creation in 2010, of which 716 in 2016. Of these 716 clients, 40% was unemployed, 44% was self-employed and 16% was employed. The number of active clients at the end of 2016 amounts to 1.664.

Since 2010 microStart has disbursed loans for a total amount of € 20.044.573, of which € 6.088.795 was disbursed in 2016.

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