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PerMicro - Social Impact Measurement 2009-2018

Publication Impact studies

PerMicro is the first company in Italy specialised in the supply of credits and microcredit to subjects excluded from traditional channels due to insufficient credit history or precarious working position. The impact it generates with respect to access to credit is therefore important.

In nearly 10 years, nearly 850 entrepreneurs and more than 3,400 families have gone from being non-bankable to bankable. Among the impacts, the one linked to benefits for the public administration in terms of increase in state revenues (in total about 80 million thanks to microcredit to business and about 16 million in 10 years thanks to loan to families) and a reduction in public expenditure (in total about 15 million euros).

This has generated benefits for entrepreneurs and families in terms of socio-economic results: alongside the increase in financial inclusion it is in fact important to highlight the increase in social well-being that was generated by the possibility of receiving microcredit from PerMicro.

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