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PerMicro's Social Impact Measurement

Publication Impact studies

PerMicro is the first italian company specialised in offering microcredit to people who do not have access to traditional credit channels because of insufficient credit history or precarious working position. The project conducted by Tiresia research group aims to develop an ad hoc methodology to measure the social impact generated by PerMicro activities. This methodology allowed us to establish effects and benefits generated by the organisation on direct beneficiaries and community in the long period.

The methodology was developed in three steps:

  1. the analysis of existing approaches and tools related to performance and impact measurement of social entrepreneurship organisations; 
  2. the evaluation and selection of existing instruments in answer to the needs and peculiarities of PerMicro; 
  3. the implementation of the chosen tools to design an ad hoc methodology to measure PerMicro’s social impact.

In conclusion, the methodology was applied to test its feasibility and efficacy and to measure and quantify the social impact generated by PerMicro.

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